A 1 year membership with AzAAPT is $10, or you can also become a lifetime member of AzAAPT for a 1 time fee of $100. You do not have to attend meetings to be a member. We would love to have you come to all meetings though. Please note that membership does not include meeting fees.

The fees we collect allow AzAAPT the ability to continue to provide a light breakfast at all meetings, award the Arnold Meister Book Award each spring, have a website, and more.

If you don't know if you are current member or not you can email Michael Canham at: to find out or go to the current member page.

You can pay using the Paypal buttons below or you can pay at the meetings. At the meetings we accept cash or charge (via Paypal). We prefer that you sign up early so that we know you are coming. This helps us determine food amounts, room size, etc.


Lifetime Membership - $100.00

One year / Annual of Membership - $10.00


Lifetime Member - $5.00

One Year / Annual Member - $7.50

Non-Member - $15.00

Students - free - to aid in determining numbers please email us and let us know you are coming.


For the Spring 2017 Meeting we will be bringing in lunch for $6 per person. You can pay at the meeting or pre-pay here:

Mirror Lab Tour

For the Spring 2017 Meeting we have the ability to do a tour of the mirror lab at the University or Arizona. This tour has a cost associated with it. You are not required to come on the tour to attend the meeting, but it will take up part of the morning for those that choose to come. The cost is $10 per person for the tour. You can pay day of or in advance